Making Meetings Work

Learn how to save time and resources by leading meetings that support business needs and also how to plan, facilitate and follow up on meetings, including virtual meetings, to ensure that there is a payoff for the time invested in meetings.

Do you face any of these issues?

  • Do your employees know when a meeting is necessary and who should attend?
  • Do your meetings fail to improve productivity?
  • Do meeting leaders know how to deal with the challenges that cause meetings to get off track?
  • Are your meeting leaders good at planning and facilitating meetings but lack the skills to follow-up?

Performance Objectives

  • Plan, facilitate and follow up on meetings to ensure that business results are achieved.
  • Use appropriate intervention techniques to keep meetings on track.
  • Ensure that participants contribute effectively and support the meeting’s outcomes.
  • Create and implement a strategy for effectively leading virtual meetings.
All employees up through senior-level managers, especially for those who lead or manage meetings
Course Length:
Four hours
Certified Princeton Facilitator
Elective (E)