Write or Wrong II: Making Good Writing Even Better

This course is designed to enhance the skills of those who communicate in writing on a regular basis by focusing on three challenges: writing creatively in the workplace; helping others to write effectively; and avoiding common errors. Using concrete examples and interactive exercises, this three-hour class will give participants an opportunity to think critically about their own writing and that of others with the goal of taking both to a new level.

All employees through senior-level managers
Course Length:
Three hours
John Weeren, Program Director, Princeton Writes
Elective (E)
Write or Wrong I: Improving Written Communication
Required Preparation:
Please bring an unedited writing sample of between one and two pages that you feel comfortable sharing with a classmate. Work-related material such as e-mails, letters, minutes, press releases, and text prepared for websites or publications is preferred, but personal writings, including something composed specifically for this class, are also acceptable. Confidential documents, privileged communications, and any subject matter that casts another person or entity in an unfavorable light should be carefully avoided.