Costs, Timeframes & Locations

Times & Class Lengths

The length of most classes in the Core Learning Curriculum is three and one–half to four hours. Classes offered by the Ombuds Office are longer two, threehour sessions. 

Classes within the fourhour timeframe are typically scheduled either from 8 a.mnoon or from 15 p.m. Classes begin promptly.
Please refer to the class descriptions for more specific information about times and lengths for each class.


Classes delivered by the Office of Human Resources have no fees. Please visit the Ombud’s Office to learn more about these classes and associated fees. 

There is a 30 dollar noshow/late class cancellation fee if you register but do not cancel registration for or attend any HR class without at least 24 hours notice. 

Training Locations

Most classes are held in the seventh floor training room in the New South building. However, when you register for a class, be sure to check the specific location.
We can help you choose the learning opportunity that’s right for you or your department. Just call or send us an e-mail. We’re here to help!