Choosing Classes & Enrollment

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide which classes to take. While all the classes offered in HR’s Core Learning Curriculum teach essential skills to help you excel in your job, courses in other practical skills and compliance training also exist across the campus. The selection strategies below can help you narrow down and determine which classes or topics will benefit you the most. 

Choosing Classes

Talking with your supervisor regularly about your career aspirations or about the skills that will enable you to perform more effectively in your current position is a very effective first step in choosing and prioritizing the classes or topics that are important for you now and in the future. 
You can review the list of classes offered on the Class Descriptions page to learn about the class categories. An example is “Performance Management.” If you are interested in this topic, refer to that category to review the related classes.

If, after conferring with your supervisor and/or reviewing class descriptions, you need additional assistance to choose a class, please e-mail Jeanne Donofrio or call her at 8-6481.


Individual Classes

Enrolling in classes is easy. Simply follow these four steps:

  1. Review the course descriptions to choose the class that meets your needs.
  2. Visit the training registration website to register.
  3. Click on the HR Learning Curriculum link under Search for Training.
  4. Follow the sequence to register.

Management Development Certificate Program

To participate in the Management Development Certificate Program, follow the enrollment and development process described on our Web page.

We can help you choose the learning opportunity that’s right for you or your department. Just call or send us an e-mail. We’re here to help!