Management Development Certificate Program

The Management Development Certificate Program (MDCP) provides learners with a structured, holistic learning experience that targets the key skills and competencies needed to manage effectively. The MDCP also provides additional recognition to those committed to learning and continuous improvement.
Although participation in the program is intended primarily for employees who supervise people or have administrative or academic departmental management responsibilities, individuals who are not yet managers but aspire to become one can enroll.
The goals of the MDCP are to:
  • facilitate and encourage management skill development;
  • encourage development-related dialogue with and support from the learner’s supervisor; and
  • recognize the completion of a core set of management development learning sessions and a demonstrated commitment to personal and professional development.
The MDCP encompasses:
Through the MDCP you gain:
  • networking opportunities with fellow graduates
  • support from HR in many venues, including our Coffee Talk meetings
  • coaching opportunities from HR managers
We can help you decide whether the Management Development Certificate Program is right for you or for your employee. Just call or send us an e-mail. We’re here to help!