Enrollment & Development Process

To enroll in this program, employees complete a three-part process with the Enrollment & Development Forms, comprised of:

Part I: Clarity of Commitments Form

The Clarity of Commitments Form is a signed agreement by both the employee and the supervisor representing a shared awareness and understanding of their respective commitments to establish an ongoing learning and development dialogue. Complete and submit to HR.

Part II: Enrollment Development Plan 

The Enrollment Development Plan captures the employee's reasons for choosing this development path. It is the first step to committing oneself to the exploration and application of what will be learned through this program. Complete and submit to HR.

Part III: Ongoing Development Application Plan

Review continuously the Ongoing Development Application Plan, which captures the employee’s progression through the program utiziling the 70/20/10 learning formula. Retain for your reference and do not submit to HR.
After you submit Part I and Part II to HR, you will receive a confirmation letter welcoming you to the program. Retain, review and refer to Part III frequently throughout the program.

For questions, contact Jeanne Donofrio at 8-6481 or Ivette Martinez-Rivera at 8-5636.

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