Prescription Drug Plan

Princeton's Prescription Drug Program is provided through Medco Health.

Retail Program: 30 day supply
Mail Order Program: 90 day supply
$5 copayment — generic drugs
$25 copayment — brand name drugs
$40 copayment — multi-source drugs1
$10 copayment — generic drugs
$50 copayment — brand name drugs
$80 copayment — multi-source drugs1
Deductible: none
There is a deductible for some retiree plans.
1 Multi-source drugs are brand name drugs for which generics are available.  You will pay this copayment if you receive the brand name.
We are continuing our Home Delivery Incentive Program through Medco, for participants who are on maintenance medication.  If you fill your maintenance prescriptions through Medco's Home Delivery Service (Mail Order), you will receive a 3 month (90-day) supply for the cost of a 2 month (60-day) supply.  However, if you renew your prescription for maintenance medication through a retail pharmacy for more than 3 months subsequent refills will cost twice the retail pharmacy co-payment rate.  Medco will contact your retail pharmacy for a copy of your prescription if you request it.
Princeton also participates in Prior Authorization, Step Therapy, and Quantity Durations Programs for certain prescribed medications. A Medco pharmacist may need to speak with the prescribing physician to ensure that the patient meets the criteria for the prescription prescribed. In addition, the quantity of some prescription medications may be limited based on FDA regulations ensuring patient safety. If your physician deems it necessary for your care and treatment, he or she may appeal Medco's decision by contacting Medco.
You will receive a separate ID card for the prescription drug program administered through Medco Health. 

If you need to purchase a prescription at a participating retail pharmacy before you receive your ID card, please provide the pharmacist with the following information: 

Member ID #
Will be system generated
Phone number
(800) 711-0917
If your name does not appear in the system yet, you should pay for your prescription, submit the receipt along with the Medco claim form to Medco Health. The claim form can be found here or by calling the Benefits Team at 258-3302.
While the University intends to continue each of the benefit plans, the University reserves the right to terminate or amend any plan, at any time, and for any reason