6.0.1 Crediting of University Service

Policy Section: Benefits

Policy Number and Title: 6.0.1 Crediting of University Service
Applicable to: All Regular Employees
Effective Date: October 15, 2003

Policy Description

University service is the length of time that an employee has been continuously employed by the University as a regular employee on a full-time or part-time basis, including periods of authorized leaves of absence. University service ends with termination of employment.

Application of This Policy

For all regular staff, service under the Workers' Compensation Plan and the Short-term Disability Plan is credited based on the most recent date of hire. For regular biweekly paid employees who are members of the Maintenance and Service staff, length of service is also used to calculate vacation accruals and paid time off.
For all regular employees, periods of University service are combined. The combined total of all prior service is used to determine seniority and service recognition credit.
Crediting of Service
Crediting of service for rehired or recalled regular employees who have had at least one year of service is used to calculate staff recognition and seniority (and vacation accruals and paid time off for Maintenance and Service biweekly paid staff), as follows:
  1. Layoff: recall or rehire within twelve (12) months. Upon rehire or recall, credit for prior service and the intervening period of absence is immediately reinstated.
  2. Layoff: rehire after twelve (12) months and within five (5) years. Upon rehire, credit for prior service only is immediately reinstated.
  3. Voluntary resignation: rehire within ninety (90) days. Credit for prior service and the intervening period of absence is immediately reinstated.
Eligibility for Crediting under University Benefit Plans
Benefit plans are regulated by federal law. Employees should consult with a benefits/compensation specialist or analyst for specific rules regarding the crediting of prior service.
Eligibility for University Severance Plan
Employees who are laid off are eligible for severance pay based on their most recent date of hire (see: 4.2.4 Layoff).
Union Agreements
Managers who supervise bargaining unit employees should consult the specific contract for information as to how credited service affects vacation accrual, paid time off, seniority, overtime assignments, etc. Computation of service for unionized staff members is governed by the terms of the respective collective bargaining agreements. If the contract is not specific, contact the Office of Human Resources.


Office of Human Resources
Adjusts records to reflect adjusted service date for employees who are rehired or recalled.
Notifies supervisor of adjusted continuous service date for employees who are rehired or recalled.


Office of Human Resources
(609) 258-3300