7.0.1 Compensation Philosophy

Policy Section: Compensation

Policy Number and Title: 7.0.1 Compensation Philosophy
Applicable to: All Regular Employees
Effective Date: October 15, 2003

Policy Description

Princeton University is committed to excellence in undergraduate and graduate education, scholarship, and research. The Office of Human Resources develops strategies, policies, and programs to support the University's mission and, therefore, has developed a compensation philosophy for administrative and support staff.
Princeton's compensation philosophy has three primary objectives, which are to:
  1. attract a qualified, diverse workforce through a competitive compensation program;
  2. retain and motivate a qualified, diverse workforce by recognizing and rewarding individual and group achievement, contribution, and excellence; and
  3. provide a non-discriminatory merit-based compensation program.
To accomplish these objectives, the University will provide a compensation program that establishes and maintains competitive salary levels within relevant markets and available resources, and which is consistent with job content, responsibilities, and requirements. The program will emphasize and encourage excellence by rewarding individual and group contributions, including performance which supports University values such as excellence, diversity, teamwork, flexibility, innovation, fiscal responsibility, and leadership.
Consistent with the above, salaries for administrative and support staff will lead relevant markets when performance is substantially above established standards and expectations, and lag relevant markets when performance is below established standards and expectations.


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