7.1.3 Employment in Two Departments

Policy Section: Compensation

Policy Number and Title: 7.1.3 Employment in Two Departments
Applicable to: All Regular Employees
Effective Date: October 15, 2003

Policy Description

University employees may not work as regular staff members in more than one department without prior approval from the Office of Human Resources. Arrangements may be made on a case-by-case basis for a part-time regular employee to work in a second department as long as the duty time of the second appointment combined with the first does not exceed 100%. These arrangements must be approved by the supervisors in both departments and by the Office of Human Resources. This does not preclude employees who work in a regular position of 50% time or more from working in temporary positions.
When supervisors hire a regular part-time employee to work in a second authorized position, as a casual hourly (nonexempt) employee, or as a short-term professional (exempt) employee, they should be aware of the potential impact on overtime pay, cost and benefits, method used to process payment, as well as scheduling conflicts. The supervisor from each department should discuss these situations in advance with the Office of Human Resources for specific guidelines governing employment by two University departments.


Office of Human Resources
(609) 258-3300

Last revised October 15, 2003.