5.0.1 Probationary Period

Policy Section: Conditions of Employment

Policy Number and Title: 5.0.1 Probationary Period
Applicable to: All Regular Biweekly-paid Employees
Effective Date: November 10, 2016

Policy Description

For all newly-hired regular biweekly employees the Probationary Period is the first 90 days of employment with the University. This 90-day period is used to determine if performance is satisfactory and if employment should be continued. Employees who are members of a union, or who have employment contracts, should refer to their contracts for the applicable probationary period.

Application of This Policy

New employees should be informed of the Probationary Period at the time that the offer of employment is made.
During the Probationary Period, supervisors are encouraged to meet regularly with the employee to:
  • Make clear the job responsibilities, performance standards and workplace practices;
  • Assess employee performance, and indicate areas that need improvement;
  • Determine if the employee should be continued in the position.
Supervisors should consult with the Office of Human Resources on the status of the probationary employee, particularly if there are problems relating to the employee's performance.
Discipline & Termination
During the 90-day Probationary Period, matters pertaining to discipline and termination of an employee are not subject to review by a formal grievance panel and/or to arbitration procedures. If the decision is not to continue employment because of poor performance, the individual's employment is terminated with notice of one week or one week's pay in lieu of notice. If the individual is terminated for misconduct, notice of one week is at the discretion of the supervisor and after review with the Office of Human Resources.
If layoff should occur, an employee in the Probationary Period is entitled to two weeks' pay if employed for more than 31 days or one week's notice if the individual has worked for less than 31 days (refer to 4.2.4 Layoff and 4.2.5 Recall and Rehire).
Extension of the Probationary Period
There may be occasions when it is appropriate to extend the Probationary Period beyond 90 days; for example, when the 90-day period is interrupted by a short-term disability, or the employee is hired in a ten month schedule toward the end of the academic year. Supervisors who believe that an extension of the Probationary Period is warranted should consult with the Office of Human Resources to determine need, and the terms and timeframe under which the Probationary Period should be extended.


Office of Human Resources
(609) 258-3300

Update Log

November 10, 2016: Clarification of eligibility.

Last revised July 1, 2012.