5.1.1 Standards of Personal Conduct

Policy Section: Conditions of Employment

Policy Number and Title: 5.1.1 Standards of Personal Conduct
Applicable to: All Employees
Effective Date: May 3, 2004

Policy Description

All employees of Princeton University, whether regular full time or part time or casual (hourly) employees are expected to meet a standard of conduct which is appropriate to the good name and reputation of the University. Employees while on University premises, or while representing the University elsewhere and in the conduct of their work, are expected to demonstrate proper regard for the standards of the community and to show respect for the law and for the rights of others.

Application of this Policy

The behavior of an employee when not on University premises or representing the University is for the individual to regulate. However, when an employee engages in illegal actions outside the University which relate to the individual's job duties and which raise doubts as to the individual's ability to carry out those duties, it may be appropriate to review the employee's responsibilities and take action as necessary. At the request of the department head or manager, any such review will be conducted by the Office of Human Resources.
It is the University's policy to have as few rules and regulations as is consonant with efficient management and the general welfare of all employees. However, individual departments or sections may need to set down rules that are more specific to their workplace. In cases where more specific policies are needed, they should be consistent with the policies, rules and regulations of the University. Managers should review their specific work rules in advance with the Office of Human Resources.
Attendance & Punctuality
It is expected that all employees will be punctual and dependable in their attendance. Supervisors should respond quickly to resolve tardiness or absenteeism and should consult with the Office of Human Resources. (See: 4.2.2 Termination for Poor Performance, 4.2.3 Failure to Comply with University Policy and 5.1.6 Absence from the Workplace.)  
Alcoholic Beverages & Drugs in the Workplace
Alcoholic beverages are not to be consumed at any time in the workplace, except at official department or University social functions. Employees who are intoxicated while on the job must be removed from the workplace immediately. On occasion, there may be evidence of drinking without intoxication where issues of safety or job performance are involved; in these cases supervisors may need to temporarily reassign an employee.
The unlawful manufacture, dispensation, possession, use or distribution of a controlled substance of any kind in any amount on University property, or while in the conduct of University business away from campus is prohibited at all times. Violations of this policy may be grounds for serious disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. (See: 4.2.2 Termination for Poor Performance, 4.2.3 Failure to Comply with University Policy and 5.1.2 Drug Free Workplace Act .) 
Most forms of gambling in the workplace are prohibited, and professional or organized gambling activities fit into the prohibited category. Exceptions to the prohibition would include office or department sanctioned "pools," raffles, the friendly wager, or a University-sponsored event which supports a cause. When in doubt, a supervisor or employee should discuss the particular situation with the Office of Human Resources. Failure to comply with this policy may result in serious discipline. (See: 4.2.2 Termination for Poor Performance and 4.2.3 Failure to Comply with University Policy.) 
The University views acts of fraud to be extremely serious and will take disciplinary action up to and including immediate dismissal and legal prosecution as it deems appropriate. Fraud may include, but is not limited to, inappropriate personal use of University resources, theft of University equipment or goods, or the falsification of records. Any questions regarding what constitutes fraud or the possibility of fraud should be directed immediately to the Office of Human Resources.


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