5.1.3 Annual Performance Appraisal

Policy Section: Conditions of Employment

Policy Number and Title: 5.1.3 Annual Performance Appraisal
Applicable to: All Regular Employees
Effective Date: May 3, 2004

Policy Description

The University's Performance Evaluation Program encourages ongoing communication between supervisors and employees in order to foster performance improvement and enhancement. Supervisors are required to hold an annual performance appraisal discussion with all employees whom they directly supervise. The appraisal must be summarized in a written memo or appraisal form. Performance evaluations are also used in determining merit increases.

Application of this Policy

Appraisal Period
Performance appraisal discussions should focus on the employee's performance during the previous twelve months. Generally, supervisors should complete their evaluation discussions during the first quarter of the calendar year. Supervisors of unionized areas should consult the union contract to determine the specific appraisal period.
Elements of the Appraisal Process
The core elements of the annual performance evaluation are summarized as follows.
  1. Discussion, by supervisors, regarding performance with each of the administrative and support staff members who report directly to them. Each discussion includes:
    1. the supervisor's assessment of the employee's performance during the past twelve months, including specific reference to the accomplishments and contributions made by the employee and the areas where he or she should improve.
    2. a review of any changes to the employee's responsibilities which may have occurred, and a summary of the expectations of performance to which the employee will be held accountable, as determined by the supervisor with employee participation.
    3. an agreement between the supervisor and the employee on a plan designed to improve or enhance the employee's performance which may include workshops, conferences, course work, or special work projects.
    4. discussions which provide opportunities for the employee to suggest to the supervisor what additional guidance or support would enable the employee to do a better job.
  2. A written summary of the discussion prepared by the supervisor with a copy to the employee. The employee can attach comments to the summary document. The supervisor and employee should try to resolve any disagreements regarding the summary prior to the employee's attaching his or her statement.
The supervisor, at the time of salary review, will provide feedback to the employee as to how his or her salary increase for the current year relates to the performance discussion.
The final performance evaluation document should be held in a confidential department/office file, or may be sent to the Office of Human Resources for placement in the employee's official personnel file. In either case, the performance evaluation document must be held in the appropriate file for a minimum of three years, or longer if there is a good business reason.
Employee Access
Employees have access to official evaluation documents upon request and may make copies. Employees may also use an official copy of the evaluation as part of their application materials for promotion/transfer opportunities at the University.


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