5.2.5 Use of University Resources

Policy Section: Conditions of Employment

Policy Number and Title: 5.2.5 Use of University Resources
Applicable to: All Regular Employees
Effective Date: May 3, 2004

Policy Description

It is expected that University services and property, including the University name, are to be used by employees of the University for the conduct of University business only, although there may be occasions when, for the convenience of the employer, limited use can be permitted or there has been prior approval and appropriate reimbursement procedures have been determined.

Application of This Policy

Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that University property and resources are appropriately used by their employees.
List of University Resources
The following list of University resources, which is not exhaustive, is provided as guidance for supervisors and employees:
  • staff and staff time
  • telephones and facsimile machines
  • duplicating services
  • campus mail
  • computing equipment and time
  • office space
  • supplies
  • vehicles
  • postage
  • other equipment
University Name
The University name is to be used only for official University business and for identification purposes. No employee may use the name of Princeton University or a name which implies Princeton University or the name of a Princeton University organization unless that employee has been officially granted the authority for its use. The use of the seal on publications, manufactured articles and the like is prohibited except when specifically authorized. Application for use of the seal must be submitted to the Office of the Secretary of the University.


Monitors policy.
Consults with the Office of Human Resources regarding the application of the policy.

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