5.3.1 Inquiries from Outside Authorities and Individuals

Policy Section: Conditions of Employment

Policy Number and Title: 5.3.1 Inquiries from Outside Authorities and Individuals
Applicable to: All Regular Employees
Effective Date: January 1, 1996

Policy Description

It is the policy of Princeton University to secure the right to confidentiality and privacy of its current and former employees. Responsibility for providing information about current and former employees to outside government authorities, companies or individuals rests with the Office of General Counsel, Office of Public Safety and the Office of Human Resources.


Outside Authorities
Refer the person presenting the subpoena (usually a sheriff) for an employee, the University or official of the University to Office of the General Counsel, 120 Alexander Street, (609) 258-2500.
Warrant for Arrest
Refer the officer presenting the warrant to the Department of Public Safety, 2 Elm Drive, (609) 258-1000.
Under no circumstances should the supervisor (or person contacted) accept the subpoena or warrant for arrest.

Requests For Information

Regarding Employees Work history or Status
Frequently, individuals or companies (lawyers, banks, mortgage companies) or official agencies (sheriff, FBI) request, in writing or in person, information regarding an employee's work history or status. Under no circumstances should a supervisor or employee provide such information directly or by telephone. All such inquiries should be referred to the Office of Human Resources, 1 New South (609) 258-3300.
The following guidelines are followed when responding to requests for information, whether in person or in writing.
  • There must be a written release from the employee or former employee which allows the release of the requested information.
  • All requests for information are provided in writing and mailed to the office or business address.
  • Proper identification must be shown: badge or ID card when in person, official stationery when in writing.

Requests for Meeting or Interview

Refer government officials (FBI, IRS, etc.) or individuals (lawyers) requesting to meet with supervisors or employees regarding current or former employees to the Office of General Counsel, 120 Alexander Street, (609) 258-2500.
Under no circumstances should either the supervisor or employee meet with or respond to queries from these individuals until or unless authorization is received from the Office of the General Counsel.


Office of Human Resources
(609) 258-3300
Office of General Counsel
(609) 258-2500
Department of Public Safety
(609) 258-1000