2.1.2 Employment of Students

Policy Section: Employment

Policy Number and Title: 2.1.2 Employment of Students
Applicable to: All Students
Effective Date: August 30, 2012

Policy Description

Princeton University undergraduate and graduate students as well as students from other universities and high schools are often available during the school year.

Application of This Policy

The following guidelines should be followed when hiring students:
  • Needed documentation (listed below) should be completed at the Student Employment Office.
  • Enrolled Princeton University graduate students employed on an hourly basis are hired into Time Collection by the hiring department. For lump sum payments, a Lump Sum Payment Form should be completed by the hiring department and submitted to The Graduate School for entry into Time Collection.
  • Non-Princeton University students, including high school student co-ops, must be hired by the Office of Human Resources into Time Collection as casual hourly employees. The pay rate for non-Princeton students is set by the Office of Human Resources.
After graduation, former Princeton University students may continue as temporary employees after being terminated from student pay status in Time Collection and hired by the Office of Human Resources as casual hourly employees.

Information Regarding I-9 & W-4 Forms

  • ALL students (Princeton University undergraduate and graduate students as well as non-Princeton University students) must complete an I-9 form prior to working. The I-9 is valid for four years and Princeton students need to complete the form only once as long as they remain enrolled.
  • All students should complete a W-4 form. Princeton University undergraduate students who are U.S. citizens will default to single/no dependent status if they do not complete the form.
  • After graduating, all Princeton University undergraduate and graduate students wishing to continue their temporary work must complete another I-9 form with the Office of Human Resources.
  • Only original documentation is acceptable to process the I-9 form.
Students who are not 18 years of age must complete an Employment Certification (working papers) before they can be hired.

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