8.0.1 Workplace Health & Safety Policies & Responsibilities

Policy Section: Workplace Health & Safety

Policy Number and Title: 8.0.1 Workplace Health & Safety Policies & Responsibilities
Applicable to: All Regular Employees
Effective Date: January 26, 2016
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Contact Risk Management for questions regarding worker's compensation and long term disability claims.

Application of This Policy

Raising Safety Concerns
The responsibility for safety at Princeton University is discussed in the Roles and Responsibilities section of this policy. Both supervisors and workers play an important role in ensuring a safe and healthful workplace at Princeton University.
Individuals with specific safety questions or concerns are encouraged to raise them with their immediate supervisor or their department safety manager. Dealing with safety issues through the supervisory chain of command is the preferred method. However, when this approach is unsuccessful in resolving a safety issue, concerns may be raised by direct contact with an EHS staff member.
EHS staff will, on request, keep the name of a complainant confidential. However, in some instances, this constraint may prevent thorough investigation and resolution of a complaint.
Federal labor law prevents an employer from discriminating against an employee for engaging in certain "protected activities," such as filing of safety complaints with the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Although employees have the legal right to file an OSHA complaint, they are encouraged to first exhaust all internal mechanisms for addressing safety issues, including supervisory staff, departmental safety managers and safety committees, EHS, or the University Environmental, Safety and Risk Management Committee (ESRM).
When serious safety concerns arise after normal University business hours, the Department of Public Safety should be contacted at 258-1000.
Reporting Requirements for Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses
Princeton University, in accordance with the workers’ compensation law of the State of New Jersey, provides for employees who experience a work-related injury, illness, disability or death. The details of Princeton University’s Workers’ Compensation Policy, including notification and reporting requirements, are provided in policy 3.1.11 Workers' Compensation Leave and Benefits.


Disciplinary Procedures
Employees are responsible for complying with the applicable provisions of health and safety laws, standards and regulations, adherence to all University and departmental or office safety policies and procedures, and complying with safety directives issued by their individual supervisors. When employees do not meet these standards, it is the supervisor's responsibility to act in a timely manner and initiate a program of disciplinary steps to address the problem, as outlined in the University’s Disciplinary Procedure.

Contacts & Other Resources

Office of Environmental Health & Safety
The EHS staff works in a coordinated effort to address health and safety issues in four broad areas: workplace safety, chemical safety, radiation safety, and biosafety and sanitation.
(609) 258-5294
Office of Employee Health
The Office of Employee Health provides services to promote, protect and restore the employee’s health within the context of a safe and healthy work environment. Contact Employee Health for matters related to work-related injuries and illnesses.
(609) 258-5035
Department of Public Safety
The Department of Public Safety works around the clock to maintain a safe atmosphere and to serve as a resource for students, faculty, staff and visitors.
(609) 258-1000
Department of Risk Management
The Department of Risk Management is responsible for the management of the University's Property and Casualty Insurance Program and the financial support of various employee benefit plans and the Student Health Plan.
Contact Risk Management for questions regarding worker's compensation and long term disability claims.
(609) 258-3046

Update Log

January 26, 2016: Updated hyperlinks, contact and outdated information.

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