Introduction to HR Policy & Procedure Manual

The HR Policy and Procedure Manual applies to nonacademic staff hired through the Office of Human Resources. This manual is not intended to be, and should not be interpreted as, a contract between the University and any employee.

A few policies apply to all members of the community, including staff, faculty and students. Some apply to all employees and others apply to specific categories of staff.

Employees who are members of a collective bargaining unit should first refer to their union contract for guidance on any of the policies, procedures, practices or benefits described in this policy manual. If the union contract does not specifically address the policy, procedure, practice, or benefit, then the employee may infer that the description in this policy manual applies to the employee. In the event of a discrepancy between this manual and a collective bargaining agreement covering employees who are represented by a union, the terms of the bargaining agreement will govern.

This manual should be used as a reference and as a general guide rather than as an inflexible rule book. It is a resource for interpreting the variety of situations that can occur in the workplace. In each case when the policies in this manual are applied to such situations, including employee performance and possible misconduct, the appropriate disciplinary or counseling action will be determined at the University's discretion, on the basis of the particular facts or circumstances. Human resource questions, which are not directly addressed in this manual, should be referred to the Office of Human Resources. It is expected that managers and supervisors will strive to apply these policies equitably and fairly, and that appropriate consideration will be given to previous actions that may have been taken under these policies.

The Policy and Procedure Manual will be updated on a regular basis, and the University reserves the right to change, modify or supersede any of these policies and procedures with or without notice at any time.

This manual was developed in 1992 and has been regularly updated. This website contains the official manual.

If you have any questions about the application of a policy, you should contact HR at (609) 258-3300, 

HR policies are grouped by topic on the main policy Web page. You also can view an alphabetical listing.