3.1. 4 Court Appearance

Policy Section: Leaves of Absence

Policy Number and Title: 3.1.4 Court Appearance
Applicable to: All Regular Employees
Effective Date: July 1, 2012

Policy Description

Regular pay continues for time spent as a subpoenaed court witness, provided that the employee reports to work on any day, or part of a day, when excused from going to court. If the employee does not report to court for any reason, then the supervisor must be informed by the employee, and the time is charged, with supervisory approval, to vacation, personal days or leave without pay.
Appearances in court for traffic or other motor vehicle violations, as a party in a lawsuit, or as a spectator should be charged to vacation, personal days or leave without pay.


Notifies supervisor upon receipt of notification of court appearance. Must show supervisor notice of subpoena.
Informs supervisor of further absence if court appearance is extended beyond the period specified in the initial notification. Also notifies supervisor if unable to report to court so that time can be charged. 
Monitors time employee is on leave. Requests attendance report form provided by court from employee.
If necessary to deduct time from nonexempt employees, enter time accordingly in the Time Collection System.


Office of Human Resources
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Last revised May 3, 2004.