3.1. 5 Military Reserve Training

Policy Section: All Regular Employees

Policy Number and Title: May 3, 2004
Applicable to: All Regular Employees
Effective Date: July 1, 2012

Policy Description

The University grants leaves to employees who belong to the Reserves or National Guard, for periodic training (weekend duty, summer camp, etc.). Up to a maximum of 15 calendar days per year is allowed as leave with pay. For these 15 days of leave, the University will assure the difference between the employee's military base salary and the University salary. The employee may choose to use vacation time or personal days for annual military reserve training, in which case the regular University salary payment is made.


Notifies supervisor of the dates of the intended leave for Active Duty Training. Gives a copy of the military order to the supervisor.
Requests an Authorization for Salary Reduction Form from Office of Human Resources, signs the top portion of the form and gives it to the supervisor.
Upon completion of active duty training, submits military reserve pay voucher to the supervisor. 
Sends a copy of the military order, the Authorization for Salary Reduction Form, and a Salary/Job Change Form to the Office of Human Resources. 
Office of Human Resources
Records the employee's military base pay for the period in the Statement of Salary Reduction on the Authorization for Salary Reduction Form and completes the form. This figure is the amount by which the employee's next University paycheck will be reduced.
Gives a copy of the authorization form to employee and sends original form with a cover memo to the treasurer's office.


Office of Human Resources
(609) 258-3300

Last revised May 3, 2004.