3.1. 7 Holidays

Policy Section: Leaves of Absence

Policy Number and Title: 3.1.7 Holidays
Applicable to: All Regular Employees
Effective Date: December 5, 2016

Policy Statement

The University provides 10 holidays annually. Each fiscal year, the vice president for Human Resources announces the dates on which holidays are observed.

Designated Holidays

Normal Holiday Schedule
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving Friday
Christmas Eve (may vary depending on calendar)
Christmas Day
New Year's Eve (may vary depending on calendar)
New Year's Day
Martin Luther King Jr. Day (effective 2017)
Memorial Day
Holidays for Part-time Employees & Those with Other than Normal Workweeks
There are employees whose established work schedules would normally prevent them from benefiting from the recognized holiday schedule, e.g., a workweek of Tuesday through Saturday or a part-time schedule that consistently excludes Mondays.
Supervisors should consult with the Office of Human Resources when they have such situations so that appropriate adjustments to work schedules can be made.

Pay for Designated Holidays

Holiday Pay
All regularly paid full-time and part-time employees in pay status receive their usual pay for designated holidays which occur on their regularly scheduled workday. 
Holidays During Paid Leave
Holidays which occur when an employee is absent because of sick time or vacation period are charged to holidays.
Holidays which occur during an employee's absence due to short-term disability or workers' compensation disability will be paid at the disability rate. 
Holidays during Unpaid Leave
Employees on leave without pay will not be paid for the holiday.  
Pay when Required to Work
Nonexempt (biweekly-paid) employees who are required to work on a holiday will receive premium pay (time and one half unless otherwise specified) for hours worked on a designated holiday, in addition to their usual day's pay. As an alternative, employees may request an alternate holiday.
Employees who choose an alternative holiday are paid time and one half for the holiday worked and regular straight time for the alternative day off. 
New Employees
If a new employee is scheduled to start work on a designated holiday, the employee is paid for the holiday and begins work on his or her next scheduled workday. The holiday is the effective date of hire. 
Terminating Employees
If the last available scheduled workday of a pay period falls on a holiday and the employee is terminating on the preceding workday, the employee is paid for the holiday, and the holiday is the effective date of termination of employment. 
Union Employees
The union contract should be consulted for appropriate holiday pay for members of organized units.


Designated Holidays
Receives time and one half for hours worked on a designated holiday if no alternate holiday is requested.
If request for an alternate holiday is approved, the employee receives regular time only for work performed on the alternate holiday and the regular holiday.
May approve employee's request for an alternate holiday.
Enters holiday time into the Time Collection System, as appropriate.


Office of Human Resources
(609) 258-3300

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Update Log

December 5, 2016: Addition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, effective January 2017

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