3.2.3 Military Leave (Extended Service)

Policy Section: Leaves of Absence

Policy Number and Title: 3.2.3 Military Leave (Extended Service)
Applicable to: All Regular Employees
Effective Date: May 3, 2004

Policy Description

Federal law provides that employees who are drafted or enlist in the Armed Forces of the United States or who are called to active duty from the Reserves for extended periods (more than six months) be granted a leave without pay for a period of up to five cumulative years.
Employees who are called to active military duty for extended service may also continue to participate in their Princeton group healthcare plan at employee rates for up to 18 months. Employees who opt to continue in a group health care plan are responsible for regular payment of all premiums.
The law also requires that employees who wish to return to the University after active duty be guaranteed the same or equivalent position with similar rank and benefits. In order to be eligible for reinstatement an employee must:
1.     Present a certificate of satisfactory completion of service.
2.     Apply for reinstatement within 90 days of discharge from active duty, or within one year if hospitalized after discharge.
3.     Have been employed in other than a temporary position, and would not have been laid off if employment had not been interrupted by military service.
Reemployment, Seniority & Benefits For Returning Employees
Determinations of the terms and conditions of reemployment (rate of pay, seniority status where appropriate, length of service for benefits eligibility purposes, etc.) will be discussed by the supervisor with the Office of Human Resources on a case–by–case basis. Generally, the individual must be treated as having been on leave of absence and be given credit for military service time in determining service for seniority and benefits plan purposes.
Under the law, no break in employment is considered to have occurred because of military service, no forfeiture of benefits already accrued is allowed, and there is no need for an employee to requalify for participation in the pension plan because of absence for military service. In addition, Princeton will make contributions to its pension plan on behalf of a returning employee that are equivalent to what would have been made for the employee had he or she been an active employee.
Payment for Accrued Vacation
Normally, all unused accrued vacation time is paid to the employee prior to the start of military duty.


Request for Leave
Notifies supervisor in writing of call to report to active duty, as soon after receiving notice of call up as is possible.
Notifies Benefits Section of leave and arranges for continuing participation in an employee group health care plan if desired.
Completes Leave of Absence Form and forwards to the Office of Human Resources for processing.
Arranges for payment of accumulated vacation.
Return from Leave
Notifies the Office of Human Resources of intent to return to work within 90 days of date of discharge.
Consults with the Office of Human Resources on returning employee and availability of position.
Advises employee of availability of comparable position.
Completes Leave of Absence Form for return to work and forwards to the Office of Human Resources for processing.
Office of Human Resources
Advises the Benefits Team of return to work and veteran status to assure crediting of service where appropriate.


Office of Human Resources
(609) 258-3300