1.0.5 Responsibility of the Supervisor

Policy Section: Statement of Responsibility

Policy Number and Title: 1.0.5 Responsibility of the Supervisor
Applicable to: All Supervisors
Effective Date: July 1, 1992

Policy Description

Princeton University values and supports its supervisors who are charged with a number of duties, central to which is carrying forward the work and mission of the University through the people whom they supervise. The role of the supervisor carries with it a number of responsibilities.
Supervisors are expected to understand and apply, where necessary, the appropriate federal and state laws and to know and administer fairly the policies of the University. Supervisors must plan work schedules, ensure that employees understand their work responsibilities and how to carry them forward, recognize and reward good performance, correct inadequate performance and know when and how to discipline and take action to terminate employment when necessary.


When planning for the needs of the department or work section, supervisors must also try to create a work environment which is collaborative and flexible, while at the same time setting, by example, high standards of expectation and achievement for employees. The same standard of excellence must apply to all, and supervisors must be ready to praise good performers and to discipline or terminate those who cannot or will not accept the standards that have been set.
Supervisors are expected to take advantage of University resources which are available for improving performance and skills for both themselves and their employees; staff development is a continuing goal.


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