4.0.2 Return of University Property

Policy Section: Termination

Policy Number and Title: 4.0.2 Return of University Property
Applicable to: All Regular Employees
Effective Date: October 15, 2003

Policy Description

Individuals terminating from the University are responsible for returning library materials to the library, settling any outstanding loans with the University and for returning keys, identification cards, computer materials, and other University property to their immediate supervisor. Exceptions for identification cards and library materials may apply to retiring employees (see 4.1.3 University ID for Retirees and Spouses or Domestic Partners, and Those Who Die While Actively Employed). It is the responsibility of the supervisor to destroy the returned identification card.
Computing and email accounts held by administrative and support staff and members of the professional research, technical and library staffs, are cancelled effective as of the date of termination.
Supervisors should also ensure that other forms of identification such as computer passwords or accounts authorized by their particular department are cancelled. 


Upon receiving notice of an employee's resignation, advises employee of the need to return University property including identification card and library materials, according to the following schedule:
  • Library materials to library prior to termination
  • All property such as tools, keys, uniforms and manuals returned before or on the final day of work
  • All University identification cards including those of family members returned to supervisor on the last day of employment
  • University parking decal removed on the day following date of termination
Contacts appropriate office to arrange for repayment of any outstanding loans such as educational loans for self and/or children, mortgages.


Office of Human Resources
(609) 2583300