4.0.5 Exit Interviews

Policy Section: Termination

Policy Number and Title: 4.0.5 Exit Interviews
Applicable to: All Regular Employees
Effective Date: October 15, 2003

Policy Description

The University is committed to providing quality programs and a good working environment for all staff at Princeton. Exit interviews can be an important tool for gathering the kinds of information about the success of Human Resources programs. In an informal setting, exiting employees can provide insights into the success of recruiting efforts, the effectiveness of University benefits, compensation and training programs, as well as information on the quality of work life and University employee relations initiatives.

Application of This Policy

Supervisors are urged to encourage all regular employees who are leaving employment at the University or transferring to another department within the University to participate in the Exit Interview Program. Supervisors should notify the Office of Human Resources as soon as they are aware that an employee is leaving their department or section. With appropriate advance notice an appointment can be set prior to the employee's leaving.
Any information gathered by Human Resources is held in a central and confidential file.


Notifies Human Resources that employee is terminating or transferring from the department.
Encourages employee to complete questionnaire and schedule an exit interview.
Office of Human Resources
Sends appropriate questionnaire to employee and sets appointment time for exit interview.
Meets with employee, discusses information contained in questionnaire and any other relevant topics.
Files questionnaire in confidential departmental file.
Completes questionnaire and sets appointment time with the Office of Human Resources for exit interview.
Gives completed questionnaire to Human Resources at exit interview. Discusses information contained in questionnaire with Human Resources.

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