4.1.1 Resignation

Policy Section: Termination

Policy Number and Title: 4.1.1 Resignation
Applicable to: All Regular Employees
Effective Date: October 15, 2003

Policy Description

Resignation is a voluntary termination of employment from the University with written notice given by the employee. (For retirement, see 4.1.2 Retirement.)

Application Of This Policy

Employees paid on a biweekly basis are expected to give at least two weeks of notice in writing; employees paid on a monthly basis are expected to give at least four weeks of notice in writing. (This policy applies to employees who are resigning their positions at the University. For notice required for employees transferring within the University, see 2.2.11 Promotion and Transfer.)
Supervisor’s Confirmation
The supervisor should confirm the resignation in writing to the employee, and make sure that the resignation is properly documented when completing the Termination/Retirement Form.
Upon receiving the resignation notice, the supervisor should notify the Office of Human Resources so that an Exit Interview can be scheduled with the terminating employee (see 4.0.5 Exit Interviews).
On occasion, an employee may wish to revoke the notice of resignation. Revocation of the resignation notice is treated on a case – by – case basis; supervisors should consult with the Office of Human Resources. There is no guarantee that the employee may return to the same position. 
Unused accrued vacation time up to a maximum of 30 days will be paid to the resigning employee; no payment will be made for unused sporadic absence days, excused paid absence for compelling reasons or optional holidays. Payment of accrued vacation time does not apply to employees in the probationary period. Employees participating in the Paid Time Off Program are compensated within its guidelines. 
Directly following termination, former employees will receive a letter from the Benefits Team which outlines the status of their benefits. The University complies with the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986 (COBRA) and extends to eligible employees and their dependents the right to continue medical coverage at full cost under the terms of the law. 
Final Pay
Upon termination, biweekly – paid employees (hired prior to April 1, 2001) will receive a final pay less any transition pay received during the March 30, 2001, pay date.  


Submits written notice of resignation to supervisor at least two weeks in advance if biweekly paid, and four weeks in advance if monthly paid.
Arranges for return of all library materials and any other University property to appropriate office.
Arranges for repayment of any loans with appropriate University office.
Contacts the Office of Human Resources to determine benefits coverage after termination. Arranges for continuing coverage (COBRA) if necessary. 
Notifies the Office of Human Resources so that Exit Interview can be scheduled.
Confirms resignation in writing with employee, calculates accrued vacation days due to employee, prepares Termination/Retirement Form and forwards to the Office of Human Resources.
Verifies forwarding address with the employee and forwards records of terminating employee to the Office of Human Resources for inclusion in the personnel file.
Collects keys, identification card, computer passwords and documentation where appropriate, and other University property from terminating employee. Advises employee that all library materials should be returned prior to effective date of termination.  
Office of Human Resources
Sends notice of benefits status. Advises employee of right to continued medical coverage (COBRA).
Contacts employee to schedule an exit interview. 
Upon receipt of a completed Termination/Retirement Form, a check is prepared by the Payroll Office, which includes any final salary payments and unused vacation balance. 


Office of Human Resources
(609) 258 – 3300