4.2.4 Elimination of Position (Layoff)

Policy Section: Termination

Policy Number and Title: 4.2.4 Elimination of Position (Layoff)
Applicable to: All Regular HR Employees
Effective Date: July 6, 2016
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Consideration For Transfer, Recall or Rehire

Consideration for Transfer
The home department must interview individuals for all available positions for which the employees are qualified during the 90 calendar days following the termination date.
Employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement should refer to the specific agreement.
For additional information, see policies 4.2.5 Recall and Rehire and 6.0.1 Crediting of University Service
Refusal of Work
If employees have received formal notification of layoff and thereafter refuse work or refuse an offer of transfer to positions that are comparable in rank and/or pay as determined by the University, such refusal is treated as a voluntary resignation effective immediately, and the employees waive any rights to the benefits provided under this policy (see chart above to calculate formal advance notification).
Consideration for Recall
Please refer to University policy 4.2.5 Recall and Rehire  for more specific information.

Roles And Procedures

Management Planning
Based on departmental and University workplace needs, assess whether any positions must be eliminated.
Confer with the senior human resources manager in advance of any potential layoff situation to:
  1. Review the criteria for retention or layoff and discuss any implications.
  2. Explore any possible employment opportunities for affected employee(s).
  3. Develop a communication plan and a schedule of transition activities.
Submit written documentation describing the plan to the appropriate administrative officer or office head to obtain authorization for layoff. 
Communication with Employee
After the layoff decision and plan are approved, meet with affected employees as soon as appropriate to discuss the impending change.
Provide letters of formal notification or severance to employees.
Provide employee with information about benefits and available resources.
Termination Processing
Calculate unused accrued vacation time due to the employee.
Prepare Termination/Retirement Form, verify forwarding address and submit form to Human Resources.
Collect keys, identification card, parking sticker, credit cards, and other University property or computer passwords, as appropriate.
Remind employee to return all library materials (see policy 4.0.2 Return of University Property).
Communicate with the Office of Information Technology regarding access to data systems, as necessary. 
Consultation with Supervisor
Consult with supervisor regarding the circumstances which necessitate a layoff and the layoff criteria.
Assist in development of a schedule of transition activities.
Review written formal letter of notice prepared by the supervisor.
Provide supervisor with information about benefits upon termination and any other documentation, as needed.
Communication with Employee
Meet with employee, as appropriate, to provide additional information and support.
Work with supervisor on communication plans to staff and other constituents, as appropriate.
Schedule and conduct exit interview with employee.
Provide specific information regarding the employee’s benefits and resources. 
Review and process the Termination/Retirement Form and coordinates the severance payment with Payroll and/or Human Resources staff
Notify the HR staffing specialist and career development specialist.


Office of Human Resources
(609) 258-3300
Vice Provost for Institutional Equity
Michele Minter
(609) 258-6110
Employee Assistance Program
(800) 437-0911
Ombuds Office
(609) 258-1775
Other Contacts
  NY State Unemployment Services

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