4.2.6 Unemployment Compensation

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Policy Number and Title: 4.2.6 Unemployment Compensation
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Policy Description

Unemployment Compensation is an insurance benefit, administered by the State of New Jersey, paid to workers who meet all the requirements of the N.J. Unemployment Compensation Law. It is designed to provide monetary benefits to individuals who lose employment or who are involuntarily required by their employer to reduce their work schedule from full time to part time due to the employer's lack of full time work and who meet the eligibility requirements of the law. The program is financed by a payroll tax paid by employers and workers.

Effective Date

The Unemployment Compensation policy is effective October 15, 2003.

Application Of This Policy

Eligibility for Unemployment Compensation benefits is determined by the State Unemployment Insurance Claims Office after an individual applies for benefits. Monetary benefits normally extend for a maximum period of twenty-six weeks. The maximum weekly benefit amount payable is determined each year by the State. Should the University wish to appeal the Unemployment Insurance Claims Office's ruling on a particular claim, the supervisor and/or a representative from the Office of Human Resources may be requested to attend a hearing on the matter.


Terminated Employees or Partially Unemployed Employees
Apply directly to the Unemployment Insurance Claims Office nearest their home. They will need to bring with them their Social Security card and another proof of identification and any notices they receive from their employer. They should file as soon as possible after becoming unemployed or after being required to work fewer hours because of a lack of full-time work.
Unemployment Insurance Claims Office
Determines eligibility of claim for benefits and approves or denies claim. If claim is approved, processes benefits.
If claim is denied, notifies employee of reason for denial and employee's right to appeal denial.
Office of Human Resources
Decides whether or not the decision on a claim for Unemployment Insurance benefits should be appealed.
Contacts supervisor to attend formal appeal hearing on the claim if necessary.


Office of Human Resources
(609) 258-3300