Compensation Philosophy

The University’s compensation philosophy provides broad guidance and direction to help design and administer our compensation programs.

The three primary objectives of Princeton’s compensation philosophy are:
  • Attract a qualified diverse workforce through a competitive compensation program.
  • Retain and motivate a qualified, diverse workforce by recognizing and rewarding individual and group achievement, contribution and excellence.
  • Provide a nondiscriminatory merit-based compensation program.
The Compensation Team accomplishes these University objectives by providing a compensation program that
  • establishes and maintains competitive salary levels within relevant markets and available resources;
  • is consistent with job content, responsibilities and requirements; and
  • emphasizes and encourages excellence by rewarding individual and group contributions which support diversity, teamwork, flexibility, innovation, fiscal responsibility and leadership.
Consistent with the compensation philosophy, salaries for administrative and support staff should lead relevant markets when performance is substantially above established standards and expectations, and lag relevant markets when performance is below established standards and expectations.

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