Temporary Adjustments

General Guidelines

  • A temporary adjustment is a salary override given to an incumbent who has taken on additional duties and responsibilities that are at a higher salary grade level than their current salary grade.
  • Additional duties and responsibilities must be assumed for a period of more than six weeks.
  • Additional duties and responsibilities must be classified at a higher salary grade level than the incumbent's current grade.
  • Employees graded ADM080 and higher are not eligible for temporary adjustments.
  • The incumbent must be performing at an effective performance level.

Submission Process

Your senior HR manager will assist you in the preparation of a form necessary to assess the position for possible temporary adjustment. This form should include the following data:

  1. Additional duties and responsibilities the incumbent has assumed
  2. Anticipated length of time these duties will be performed
  3. Grade level of reassigned or newly assumed duties

Documents will be reviewed by the Compensation Team and a recommendation will be made to the senior HR manager.

If you have a question about a job classification or salary, you can call or send us an e-mail. We’re here to help!