Employee Resource Groups

The Office of Human Resources supports several Employee Resource Groups of staff members who share a common background and interests. These groups help to enhance employee engagement, productivity, job satisfaction and retention. They help link Princeton to networks that can improve the diversity of qualified applicant pools.
Princeton’s Employee Resource Groups are: 


“This ERG [Princeton Social Professionals] is my favorite group to work with at Princeton University! We engage each other’s diverse interests, talents and personalities every time we meet as a committee; which translates into engagement and connection when we reach out to the larger campus community. It is my hope that the encouragement and support we share as members of an ERG reaches the spectrum of University staff and faculty who have yet to join an ERG.” - Nakia Townsend, Human Resources, PPPL


For more information on how to become a part of an Employee Resource Group, contact Ivette Martinez, 258-5636.