Latino Princetonians

About Us  

Latino Princetonians is a network of Latino and non-Latino staff that is committed to articulating the needs of our members on campus and to creating opportunities for connection in formal and informal settings. We strive to create visibility regarding Latino staff matters and awareness about resources on campus and within the larger Princeton community. Our work is primarily organized through the efforts of our Community Service Committee, Social Committee, and Networking Committee. We welcome all.

Our Mission

The mission of the Latino Princetonians is to serve its members by helping to foster an environment of equity and respect that attracts and values diverse individuals who are encouraged to contribute their perspectives to the overall success of an institution that stands in service to society.

Our Vision

The vision of the Latino Princetonians is to significantly increase the influence, support, and visibility of Latino staff throughout the Princeton University community.

Recent Activities

July 2011 – Latino Staff Summer Lunch Gathering
September 2011 – Publishing of the Latino Staff Directory
November 2011 – Princeton Blairstown Community Service Day
December 2011 – Latino Staff Holiday Lunch
January 2012 – Latino Speed Networking
March 2012 – Isles Community Service Gardening Day
June 2012 – End of Year Reception with HISPA
June 2012 – Summer Gala
December 2012 – 2nd Winter Fiestecita
December 2012 – YWCA St. Nicholas Toy Drive
May 2013 – Meet and Greet with Lianne Sullivan-Crowley
June 2013 – End of Year Reception with HISPA


FY 2014


Elizabeth Patten
Special Assistant to the Assistant Vice President for Communications, Office of Communications
(609) 258-5727

Jennifer Cabral-Pierce
Digital Imaging Technician, University Library
(609) 258-2526

Steering Committee

Danette Rivera (Politics)
Gabriela E. Gonzalez (Office of International Programs, Dean of the College)
David Mejias (Alumni Affairs)
Kristina M. Graff (Woodrow Wilson School)
Max G. Siles (History)
Jonathan A. Pastor (Health Services)
Lisa Scalice (Psychology)
Michael Gonzalez (Human Resources, PPPL)