Absence Management

Absence Management is a module within the PeopleSoft application that will allow employees to see their current balances for vacation, sick and personal days at the end of each pay period. Monthly-paid employees will view balances and enter their time off through HR Self Service. Biweekly-paid employees will continue to enter their time off in the Time Collection System but will access employee self service to view their balances. The information stored in the system will be the authoritative source for balances and allow the University to have an accurate estimate of liability for these paid time off categories.

Absence Management Roles
1.     Monthly-Paid Employees
        > Enter, maintain and/or view their own time off information in HR Self Service
        Biweekly-Paid Employees
        > Enter time off into the Time Collection System
        > View absence balances in HR Self Service
2.     Managers
        > View and/or maintain information for those who are in their organizational reporting structure
        > May delegate the manager role to one other person in the department
3.     Absence Administrators
        > Can correct all absence events, i.e., time off entries, in Absence Management for monthly-paid
           employees only, pre- or post-processing
        > Has access to absence data for an entire department
        > Has access to departmental absence reports in the Information Warehouse  
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