Performance Management

Managing staff performance is one of the most critical responsibilities for managers. Effective performance management is an important tool in capitalizing on your team’s skills and competencies. Performance management is not just the annual performance review; the process includes: 

  • goal setting and setting reasonable expectations
  • providing ongoing feedback and coaching   handling the disciplinary process effectively while treating employees with respect
  • conducting thoughtful, clear and meaningful performance reviews
 The Employee Relations Team assists departments by: 
  • providing advice and guidance on the goal-setting process and how to communicate those goals and create accountability for the manager’s staff;
  • coaching managers in dealing with performance management issues and in drafting performance improvement plans;
  • offering various training classes on performance management; you can register on the Princeton University Employee Learning Center website;
  • giving managers feedback on how to write more effective performance appraisals, as well as customizing new appraisal forms tailored for departmental needs; and
  • discussing best practices for delivering feedback successfully, including the opportunity to practice the appraisal discussion. 

Please contact Karen Haskin if there are questions about performance management for academic managers.

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