Fairness Review Process


Princeton University is committed to providing its staff members with an equitable and respectful work environment.
On occasion, an employee may feel that a manager has taken an employment action against the employee in violation of University policy. When this circumstance occurs, the employee should seek resolution informally through the department management, including use of dispute resolution resources such as the Office of Human Resources and the Ombuds Office.
If the management action is one of those listed below and informal discussions do not resolve the dispute, it is the University’s policy to provide a fair, timely, and efficient formal review which will settle the matter. The review is the Fairness Review Process. 


All benefits-eligible nonunion administrative and support staff served by the University’s Office of Human Resource are eligible, except as provided below. 


Ineligible to invoke this policy are casual hourly staff, probationary biweekly-paid staff and executive officers.
The following groups have separate grievance processes and, therefore, are ineligible to invoke this policy: Union members, PPPL employees and the dean of the faculty staff. If you have questions about these grievance policies, please consult with the appropriate Office of Human Resources or the Office of Dean of the Faculty. 

Scope of Fairness Review Policy Complaints

Employment actions covered by this policy include:
Employment actions not covered by this policy include:
  • Verbal warnings, informal feedback, memos of concern and performance appraisals
  • Layoffs, as they pertain to business justification
  • Other employee complaints, such as those related to changes in conditions of employment. Such complaints should be directed to the Office of Human Resources.
  • Complaints regarding compensation and benefits. Such complaints should be directed to the Office of Human Resources.
  • Complaints involving harassment or discrimination based on a protected classification. Such complaints, which are addressed by other University policies, should be directed to the offices of Human Resources, dean of the faculty or provost.
It is the University’s policy that no employee may be retaliated against for initiating, participating or aiding in a grievance proceeding. Confidentiality and respect for privacy is imperative to the success of this process.

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