SEIU Summer Transfer Program

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Summer Transfer Program began more than 25 years ago to offer annual developmental opportunities for eligible SEIU employees. The Summer Transfer Program and its participating organizations, seek employees who are eager to learn and increase their skills. Participants are expected to demonstrate initiative toward building new networks and new knowledge for increased opportunities at Princeton University and beyond.

How the Program Works

Eligible employees must complete the program application, attend the Job Fair, and be selected by a participating organization. Only applicants who attend the Job Fair are considered for Summer Transfer positions. Successfully completing the Summer Transfer Program does not guarantee promotion. Rather, it helps an employee demonstrate potential for personal and professional development at Princeton University.

Eligibility & Qualifications 

SEIU employees who work in regular, term (AYE) positions are eligible for the program. Casual employees are not eligible to participate at this time. Supervisors are encouraged to approve employee applications where participation does not hinder summer business operations for the home department. The Office of Human Resources will contact supervisors to verify the employee’s availability.

Also, to qualify for a Summer Transfer position, employees must be able to perform the essential functions of the position(s) for which they apply. Prior experience is not required. The disciplinary records of those selected to participate will also be considered.

Additional Information 

Opportunity for Development

The Summer Transfer Program can help employees increase their knowledge, skills, and opportunities for advancement at Princeton University. Successfully completing the program does not guarantee a promotion, but it does offer both personal and professional development for participants. HR’s Learning and Development team are available by appointment to advise University employees on enhancing behaviors and skills needed to accomplish meaningful goals at Princeton University and beyond.

Performance Standards

Participants of the Summer Transfer Program are expected to meet performance standards set by the Office of Human Resources and the host department, including (but not limited to) time and attendance. The host department supervisor can issue an oral warning should performance issues occur. Behavior that does not improve may result in the participant being removed from the program. The host department will monitor employee performance and provide the Office of Human Resources with feedback. This feedback has an impact on future participation.

Vacation & Attendance

Participants should not take an extended summer vacation during the Summer Transfer Program. Applicants for the Summer Transfer Program should discuss the use of personal and vacation time with the hiring managers at the Job Fair. The host department will monitor employee performance and attendance. For 12-month employees, time off will be charged to their regular attendance record. For employees with less than 12-month work schedules time off will be charged to “leave without pay.”

The SEIU Summer Transfer program features a variety of positions available for 2018.
For more information, contact Kay Sylla at 8-8623 or Jaime Kinslow at 8-9106.

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