Recognition & Events

Princeton University is committed to recognizing employees who are valued for their accomplishments, performance, commitment and years of service. Toward that goal, the Office of Human Resources provides several programs to enable managers to recognize, develop, motivate and reward staff members. 

Service Recognition Program

Each year, Human Resources honors staff who attain service milestones, beginning at 10 years of employment and with succeeding five-year increments, at the Service Recognition Luncheon, hosted by Vice President Lianne Sullivan-Crowley with remarks made by President Christopher L. Eisgruber.

Service Recognition Luncheon

Performance Recognition Programs

Princeton University employees are expected to meet high performance standards every day. There are times when a staff member or team surpasses even the highest expectations and delivers an extraordinary result. Recognizing employees for these exceptional contributions gives them a greater sense of engagement and purpose in their work and a stronger tie to their colleagues and the University.

President’s Achievement Award

Donald Griffin ’23 Management Award

Tiger and Spot Awards

Merit Increase Program

Council of the Princeton University Community (CPUC) Representatives

Community Events

The Office of Human Resources also supports programs and events organized by other University offices, including the:
United Way Campaign and Community and Staff Day with the Office of Community and Regional Affairs
Annual MLK Day Celebration with the Office of the Provost