President's Achievement Award

Tips for Writing a Compelling Nomination

The Selection Committee depends on the content of the award nominations to make its decisions. Therefore, nominations submitted should be as thorough, detailed and descriptive as possible in order to convey a nominee’s exceptional performance and award worthiness.

Because the individuals nominated are among the University’s top performers, selection has become competitive. To guide nominators in developing a strong and compelling nomination, the following tips are provided. The quoted examples are a compilation of portions of actual nominations submitted previously.


  1. Adhere to the three–page limit. For equity reasons, only three pages of a nomination will be read and considered by the Committee.
  2. When deciding who to nominate, you should take into account that the impact of contributions is considered relative to an individual's job function, job classification and scope of work.
  3. Use detailed, specific examples to describe the individual's contributions within three of the five characteristics: character, collaboration, engagement, excellence, and resilience.
  4. Include endorsements from staff, faculty and/or students to show support for and further substantiate a nomination.

Sample Nomination Excerpts

“Among the many high-performing employees that I have known in my years at Princeton, she stands out as truly extraordinary. Anyone who has worked with her would describe her as meticulous, tireless, and utterly reliable. Merely enumerating the myriad of tasks that she consistently performs so ably would exceed the space limitations of this nomination, so let me instead single out a few…”

“Although I have known the nominee for the past three years, I have come to appreciate fully her significant role for my own department …and for both the University community and the larger Princeton community beyond Fitzrandolph Gate. . . She handles all of the normal office work seamlessly, often several steps ahead of me in providing financial reports, solving scheduling problems and dealing with the routine work that any busy office faces.”

Please contact a member of the Selection Committee with any questions about submitting a nomination for the President’s Achievement Award.