From the Vice President

June 2007

Since HR issued its first HR Communiqué in November 2006, we have continued to make improvements to our organization. We are structured so that we are able to fulfill our promise to you to create HR teams that will be collaborative and work with you more comprehensively.
We also had assured you that we would design an organization that provides you with a transparent, accessible and personalized approach to human resources. Within this Communiqué, you will find information on Pages 2 and 4 about the HR organizational structure to make who we are and how to contact us easy and transparent.
Human Resources is committed to supporting you with the services, programs and policies you need in both your work life and your family life. On page 3 you will read about HR event planning and the employees who help us throughout the year. We’ve also included a section called, “HR wants you to know” highlighting important information for you. On the back page are two articles that feature employees who recently benefited from the University’s new mortgage program and from HR’s management development training program. We hope reading about their experiences will inspire many of you to pursue these programs to find real solutions to your financial needs and to develop new and useful skills.
Please remember that the dedicated HR staff is here to assist you — individually and organizationally within your department. Call us, even if you’re uncertain about how to get started. We will make sure that we guide you to get the information or assistance you need.
We are also pleased to announce in this Communiqué the arrival of new HR staff members and inform you of new roles that other current HR employees have assumed.

Please continue to share your insights and suggestions with any staff member in Human Resources. We still have much to do and very much count on your involvement. And, we have more communications planned to keep you well informed about HR’s services and programs.