From the Vice President

May 2008

This is an especially busy time of year. Whether you are assisting with academic responsibilities, admitting new students, verifying eligibility for graduation, sprucing up the grounds or installing reunions gates or Commencement bleachers, employees are working extremely hard to make sure all the important year–end activities and ceremonies are expertly done. 

I encourage all supervisors and staff to use vacation time during the summer months, or at any time period when it may be more optimal to relax and get away from the daily grind. Our vacation policy reminds us, “Vacation is paid time away from the workplace that is provided for the health and well–being of employees.” Vacationing enables us to return to our jobs renewed with fresh energy and greater effectiveness.
The most important thing you can do for yourself, regardless of your job, is rest, relax and enjoy your time away from work. To help you plan your vacation, please consider the following: 
  • prepare a list for your co–workers and supervisor about what they can expect during your absence
  • inform colleagues from other departments ahead of time that you will be on vacation
  • turn off your cell phone or laptop whenever possible
  • organize a to–do list for when you return to ease your re–entry 
Summer months are also an opportune time for many of us to reflect on the past year and plan for the coming one. Advance planning is often a critical factor for success as is getting caught up on projects we’ve placed on the back burner. Human Resources can assist departments to think through its priorities. We also offer services to help with leadership and management planning, organizational structure and job descriptions, and learning and development. To get started, call or e–mail us. We will put you in touch with the right staff member.
Please join me in welcoming new HR staff members who already are here, Sarah Esala, human resources assistant, and Rhonda Hospedales, labor specialist, and Arnie Aronoff, executive director, who will be joining the HR team on June 16. They are available to assist you at any time. 

As always, I continue to ask for your feedback on HR’s services and programs.