From the Vice President

November 2006 Column

Over the past year, many of you have given us invaluable feedback about the programs and services you need from the Office of Human Resources. We listened carefully and heard your ideas, suggestions and requests. Several common themes emerged. 

First, the community prefers a personalized approach to human resources.
Second, you asked us to offer training and provide you with practical, skill-based tools.
Third, you told us, the HR organization needs to be transparent, understandable and logical for you to access. Many of you suggested that we design an HR organization that makes it easier for the various HR areas to work together to respond to your needs more comprehensively.
Based on your input, we are making several changes. Some of them are immediate and the details are described within this Communiqué. Others require more time, and we ask for your continued support and patience while we tend to them.
Human Resources is committed to fulfilling our mission to support the broader mission of this great University and to provide you with the services, programs, and policies you need to do your job and balance your work and family life.
In this — our first — Communiqué, we are pleased to announce the arrival of several new HR staff members and to inform you of new roles that some current HR employees are assuming. You will see by the arrangement of our staff photographs, displayed on page 3, that we have begun to establish a solid foundation of critical functions and form work teams that are organizationally connected to collaborate with each other to work with you as effectively as possible.
Pages 2 and 4 provide you with information about how to contact us whenever you need assistance. Our dedicated HR staff is here to assist you whether your question is about you individually or about your department. If you’re uncertain about whom to call, call anyway we will make sure that you get your answer and the help you need. 
Over the coming months, we anticipate hiring several new HR staff members and making other improvements to our HR services. We plan on communicating with you as we make progress to keep you informed and uptodate. While we work on these changes, we count on your continued feedback and I encourage you to share your insights and suggestions with any staff member in Human Resources.