From the Vice President

September 2009

Change is something we’ve all experienced, especially in the past decade. We’ve learned how to conduct business by e-mail, use social networks, pay bills online, and carry a cell phone that functions more like a computer than a telephone. Change it’s all around us in our personal lives and at work. 

This year brings more change for Princeton employees as we continue to progress to resolve our budgetary challenges.
One big change is that 145 of our valued, longservice colleagues will be retiring from Princeton by June 30, 2010. Together they have more than 4,100 years of loyal and dedicated service to the University, and they take with them talents and skills that will be missed. As our colleagues retire, let’s make certain we take the opportunity to thank them for all they have done for Princeton University.
In this issue of the Communiqué you will read a lot of information about changes occurring at Princeton that might impact each of us. With the hard work and dedication that epitomize Princeton’s loyal staff, we see change leading us to many new or improved programs, services and collaborations. The times we’re in have challenged us to grow and become even better. After all, isn’t that what Princeton is all about?

Please continue to send me your comments and feedback. It’s more important than ever!