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Your Work Life Benefits

Adoption & Surrogacy Benefits
Princeton University reimburses for the successful adoption of a child and/or legal expenses from surrogacy parenting arrangements.

Auto & Home Insurance
Faculty and staff working at least 20 hours a week are eligible to apply for auto and/or home insurance with New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company (NJM).

Backup Care Advantage Program
Bright Horizons provides backup care services for temporary disruptions in regular child, adult or elder caregiving arrangements that prevent fulfilling work or study obligations.

Campus Recreation Facilities
Faculty and staff and their families can purchase recreational facility permits for a small fee to enjoy the use of University recreational facilities, including swimming pools, gymnasiums, tennis courts and the fitness center.

Childcare Resources
Princeton University has programs to assist financially with the costs of managing child care.

Children's Educational Assistance Plan
After five years of benefits-eligible service, faculty and staff may receive up to 50 percent support for children’s college tuition and mandatory fees up to an academic year maximum per child.

Community & Staff Day
Each fall, local residents join Princeton faculty, staff and students for Community and Staff Day, a celebration of sports, entertainment and community.

Each spring, the annual Communiversity Arts Festival celebration brings the University and the town of Princeton together for a day of performances, food, games and fun.

Death in the Family
In the event of a death in the immediate family of a staff member, leave of absence with pay may be granted for up to a maximum of three days.

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account
The DFSA is a program to set aside money, before taxes, from each paycheck to pay for child care expenses of dependent children 12 years and under.

Employee Child Care Assistance Plan (ECCAP)
ECCAP provides assistance to faculty and staff members to help meet the cost of child care for prekindergarten-aged children. 

Faculty & Staff Assistance Program
Carebridge provides—at no cost—confidential assistance for work and personal situations.

Faculty & Staff Housing
Princeton University is committed to maintaining and strengthening its identity as a residential institution providing faculty and staff with rental and ownership opportunities on or near campus.

Family & Medical Leave
In accordance with FMLA and NJFLA, the University provides a family and medical leave of absence for up to 12 weeks in any 12-month period.

Flexible Work Schedules
The University encourages supervisors to permit reasonable adjustment to the established normal work schedules to accommodate individual needs, such as transportation, education and personal commitments.

Healthcare Flexible Spending Account
The HFSA is a program to set aside money, before taxes, from each paycheck to pay for eligible health-related expenses not covered by insurance.

Lactation Rooms/Quiet Rooms
Princeton University provides private lactation rooms for nursing mothers on campus.

Local Activities & Resources
The Princeton area has specialty shops, restaurants, parks, and a friendly and safe atmosphere. The area offers a rich variety of arts and cultural resources, athletic events, media and more.

Long Term Care Assistance
Princeton University’s Group Long Term Care Plan is designed to help cover the costs of long term or custodial care for faculty; staff; and spouses, parents, grandparents, parents-in-law and grandparents-in-law.

Paid Parental Leave
The University provides up to two weeks’ paid leave at 100% base pay for the birth or adoption of a child if it is taken within the first year of the event.

Personal Days
The University provides personal days for occasional absence from the workplace needed for a variety of personal reasons, e.g., religious holidays, school events, car repair appointments, etc.

Personal Leave
A leave of absence without pay may be granted to staff, for periods of up to one year, for personal reasons, such as parental leave (care of a child), family matters, community service and education or training.

Princeton Public Library
Located in downtown Princeton, the library offers a world-class collection, expert staff and thousands of engaging programs each year. Library cards are free and available to faculty and staff of Princeton University.

Princeton University Library
The University Library has an extensive collection of general and special interest books and periodicals, which can be accessed and borrowed with a valid Princeton University ID card.

Programs for Children
Various offices, centers, and student groups organize on-campus summer programs for children.

Public Events Calendar
Your resource for all public events hosted on campus.

Sick Days
The University provides paid time off for occasional absence from the workplace needed for personal illness, injury or medical appointments or the care of a sick or injured immediate family member or resident member of the household.

Swim Clubs
The University has an affiliation with two local swim clubs, Broadmead Swim Club and Nassau Swim Club.
Tuition Assistance
Princeton University is committed to being a community of learning. In this spirit, the University provides benefits for faculty and staff seeking educational advancement and for children of faculty and staff attending college.
Vacation Time
The University provides paid time away from the workplace for health and well-being. Vacation time can be used as it is accrued.
Verifications of Employment & Income
The Office of Human Resources provides verifications of employment or income for faculty and staff seeking approval for loans, mortgages, immigration, etc.
Working Advantage
The Working Advantage discount network provides savings up to 60% on theme parks, shows, sporting events, hotels and travel, health and fitness and much more. Register online to begin using the program.