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Healthcare Resources

Best Doctors
Best Doctors provides—at no cost—personalized medical advice from Best Doctors’ network of 53,000 top physicians who offer best practice medicine.

Castlight is your personalized healthcare tool that can be used to determine what is covered by your plan, how much services will cost, and where you have spent your healthcare dollars. You can search for high-quality doctors or specialists in your network, get ratings and reviews from real people, and find health and well-being resources in your area. Register now.

MSK Direct
A cancer diagnosis is life-changing. Decisions about where to go for care, treatment options, and how to balance treatment can be overwhelming—that’s where MSK Direct can help.

My Health Advocate
My Health Advocate provides—at no cost—Personal Health Advocates who can assist with finding doctors, specialists and eldercare, as well as untangling medical bills, negotiating fees and clarifying insurance coverage.

My Health Coach
Health coaches are available—at no cost—to provide support and guidance in achieving personal health goals. They are available on campus or by telephone.


Additional Resources

Campus Recreation Facilities
Faculty and staff and their families can purchase recreational facility permits for a small fee to enjoy the use of University recreational facilities, including swimming pools, gymnasiums, tennis courts and the fitness center.

Employee Health Services
Employee Health Services is the clinical services unit of University Health Services that focuses on faculty and staff within the context of a safe and healthy work environment.

Faculty & Staff Assistance Program
Carebridge provides—at no cost—confidential assistance for work and personal situations.

Family & Medical Leave
In accordance with FMLA and NJFLA, the University provides a family and medical leave of absence for up to 12 weeks in any 12-month period.

Fitness Discounts
Princeton University offers discounts at local fitness centers and stores.

Flexible Work Schedules
The University encourages supervisors to permit reasonable adjustment to the established normal work schedules to accommodate individual needs, such as transportation, education and personal commitments.

Hamilton Physical Therapy
Hamilton Physical Therapy Services, P.A., provides on-campus, in-network physical therapy. Appointments must be made in advance.

Healthcare Flexible Spending Account
The HFSA is a program to set aside money, before taxes, from each paycheck to pay for eligible health-related expenses not covered by insurance.

Healthier Princeton
The Healthier Princeton program supports health promotion and education for the entire University community to sustain and enhance the individual’s physical, psychological and emotional health.

Immunizations & Allergy Shots
For a fee, faculty, staff and eligible dependents over the age of 16 can receive immunizations and allergy shots by appointment.

Informal Recreation
Campus Recreation provides informal programs in figure skating, golf, basketball, hockey, tennis and walking.

Intramural Sports
The intramural sports program offers the opportunity to participate in leagues and tournaments for a variety of sports, including basketball, flag football, soccer, softball and others.

Know Your Numbers
Four numbers provide a snapshot of health: blood pressure, waist circumference, cholesterol level and glucose level. Contact Employee Health Services.

Laboratory & Radiology Services
With a prescription from a doctor, faculty, staff, and eligible dependents can have lab work done on campus. This service is in-network for all Princeton University medical plans. Radiology services are available through workers’ compensation and as a part of medical surveillance.

Lactation Rooms
Princeton University provides private lactation rooms for nursing mothers on campus.

Mammography Program
Princeton provides a mammography screening program for female faculty and staff ages 35 and over.

McCosh Health Center
University Health Services offers a fully-accredited healthcare facility in McCosh Health Center that provides quality health and wellness services through Employee Health Services.

Outdoor Action
Faculty and staff can participate in OA program activities, including hiking, backpacking, canoeing, rock climbing, kayaking and workshops on such topics as CPR and first aid.

Sick Days
The University provides paid time off for occasional absence from the workplace needed for personal illness, injury or medical appointments or the care of a sick or injured immediate family member or resident member of the household.

Smoking Cessation & HeartSmart Screenings
All faculty and staff are invited to participate in wellness programs and screenings for smoking cessation, which provides consultation, support and free nicotine replacement products for quitting smoking, and the HeartSmart risk assessment, which evaluates cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Swim Clubs
The University has an affiliation with two local swim clubs, Broadmead Swim Club and Nassau Swim Club.