Employee Solar Program

Program Offered by the SunPower Corporation

As Princeton continues in its commitment to environmental sustainability, we are able to provide employees the Employee Solar Program provided by SunPower®, a global solar technology company. SunPower has been selected by the University to install a large solar collector field on our property in West Windsor, which should supply enough electricity to meet 5.5 percent of the total annual campus needs.
Like the University solar installation, the employee program offers faculty and staff a meaningful way to take advantage of this renewable energy source. By installing a solar power system at your home, you can reduce carbon emissions, save money on your utility bills and meet a significant portion of your home electricity needs.
The SunPower Employee Program provides the following benefits:
  • A rebate of up to $0.30/W up to $1,500.
  • Assistance to apply for solar energy incentives and/or credits offered through various federal, state, and/or local programs. Read more about state incentives or federal credits.
  • Information and assistance to obtain permits and to arrange financing, including options available at the Princeton Federal Credit Union.
Any purchase you make under this program would be at your own discretion, cost and financing. The University advises that, as with any home improvement, you should always take appropriate steps to evaluate the benefits and to select the vendor. This program does not imply an endorsement by Princeton University of SunPower products over other available products.
Employees participating in the University’s Broadmead and Gray Farm Purchase Plan Programs are required to obtain advance written approval from Princeton before installing any proposed solar system, consistent with major modifications noted in their deed. For details of such an approval and to request at review, individuals should contact Office of Housing and Real Estate Services.
Visit the University’s news site to read about our new solar energy project and the sustainability Web page for information about Princeton’s ongoing sustainability efforts.
Visit the SunPower website to learn more about the program, watch a short video about the SunPower Corporation and/or sign up for information. For more information, please contact employee.solar@sunpowercorp.com.