A well-planned approach to welcome new members of Princeton University’s staff can help how individuals acclimate more easily to the University community and quickly become successful contributors.
The onboarding process often begins with information provided by the Office of Human Resources and/or the department prior to the employee’s first day on the job. Then, typically on their first day, new employees attend the New Hire Orientation Program, a formal program presented by Human Resources that provides new employees with the opportunity to learn about Princeton, its structure, mission and values.
Hiring Managers, too, play an important part in the onboarding process as they influence and affect the quality and effectiveness of a new staff member’s experience at Princeton.
All employees, no matter their level or position, can benefit from the onboarding process to help them gain a better understanding of the University and their position. A successful transition period is one of the keys to building commitment to Princeton and engaging staff in the critical work of the University. 

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