Marguerite Vera

Associate Director, Office of the Alumni Association

In 2005, Marguerite Vera ‘79 began her career at Princeton as a part-time administrator in the Office of the Alumni Association. Currently, as the associate director of affiliated groups and the Princeton Prize in Race Relations, she serves as liaison to five affiliated groups. In order to promote alumni engagement, she supports the Asian American Alumni Association of Princeton, Association of Black Princeton Alumni, Association of Latino Princeton Alumni, Fund for Reunion, the Bisexual, Transgendered, Gay and Lesbian Alumni Association and International Alumni Association of Princeton. She says, “My job is to help support and encourage the affiliated group members, so that these alumni, if they are not already feeling engaged as members of the Princeton alumni community, will engage with one another and hopefully, feel welcomed as integral parts of the larger alumni community.”

Marguerite is also the administrator for the Princeton Prize in Race Relations. The program helps to recognize high school students from 23 cities across the United States who have made or are making efforts to improve racial harmony in their schools or communities. She states, “I really enjoy my work on the Princeton Prize and having the opportunity to help recognize the positive contributions that these wonderful high school students make in their schools and communities. It makes me very proud to know that four of the past winners have actually gone on to become Princeton students and are now sharing themselves with the Princeton University Community.”

To further illustrate her commitment to diversity, Marguerite serves as president of the Princetonians of Color Network (PCN), an employee resource group that serves as a support community for staff members with shared backgrounds and interests.  She describes how “PCN provides a strong support system” by helping employees feel like they “belong here and are members of a bigger team.” She believes that the PCN and other employee resource groups help to “embrace employees, which demonstrates that the University values individuals of different cultures and helps them to be invested in the rest of Princeton, making it a better place for all of us.”

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