Roger Demareski

After a ten-year career in the construction industry followed by nine years working at Seton Hall University, Roger Demareski came to Princeton. Having wanted to work here for many years, he finally had his opportunity to become a part of the Princeton University team in 2008. Roger had always been impressed by both the mission of the University and the work of Jon Hlafter, former University architect.
Today, Roger is the assistant vice president for facilities, plant, in the Department of Facilities. When asked what he likes about working at the University, Roger answers, “Unlike the private construction industry, in a university setting you have a chance to see the finished projects and live with them. I like having the ability to make changes on our campus that have a positive impact on our students.”
Roger oversees the departments of grounds and building maintenance, life safety and security systems, engineering and construction, cogeneration plant and the sustainability office. He manages the high-level details and trusts his direct reports and staff to think strategically and manage efficiently, because he knows the “University hires very smart, loyal and dedicated people.”
Roger is a volunteer firefighter in Pennington, New Jersey, where he resides, and believes, “If you are a firefighter, you are always a firefighter.” In 2009 the University rolled out a pilot program to support Princeton Borough and Princeton Township whereby staff members can volunteer with the fire department and be called upon during their work shifts. The program includes employees from the departments of facilities and public safety who are volunteer firefighters or who are willing to go through firefighter training. Roger is very excited and enthusiastic about the program and is happy to now have to have the best of both worlds at work. 
Roger is a married father of three young boys who have already expressed interest in one day becoming firefighters.    

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