Jessica Hoppe Dağcı

Special Collections Assistant, Princeton University Library

Jessica Hoppe Dağcı is a special collections assistant in the Princeton University Library. In 2006, she began working at the Mendel Music Library, a seemingly perfect match to her undergraduate degree in music composition. After one year, Jessica was fortunate to be promoted to the Marquand Library of Art and Archaeology, where she currently works.

Jessica is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Marquand. She coordinates the  conservation of Marquand's distinguished rare books collection with the Firestone conservator, tracking in a data base and maintaining security. She supervises 30-35 student staff members, who are the backbone of Marquand patron services. She says, “I love working with the students. We have constant interaction and communication with each other.”
She explains that monitoring “the climate control for temperature and humidity is an important aspect of preserving the collection for the future.” And, Jessica collaborates with the facilities department to identify maintenance issues and coordinate repairs for the library.
Jessica truly enjoys all of the interesting components of her job and being amongst a beautiful collection. She especially appreciates the significance of the collection’s oldest and rarest books and is particularly fond of the ancient Byzantine mosaics that date back to early second century A.D. She relishes the fact that people come from all over the world to visit the Princeton University libraries. When asked about her favorite part of her job she replies, “I like being one of the people who help Marquand run as a well-tuned machine. I enjoy coordinating with different people to make it happen.”
Jessica is a member of the Library Education and Training Committee headed by Steve Garwood, staff training and development coordinator. She helps to coordinate learning opportunities and activities, such as the training program on Microsoft Word 2007 and tours of the library for her fellow colleagues. Jessica is also a graduate of the Management Development Certificate Program.

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