Silvana Bishop

Graduate/Conference Coordinator, Department of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures

Silvana Bishop has worked in the graduate program of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures since 2004. Prior to joining the Princeton staff, she worked as a travel agent and lived in Argentina, Chile and Colombia.

With her international knowledge, Silvana is pleased to be able to help graduate students from Spain and Latin America  become acclimated to life both in Princeton’s academic environment and in the United States.
Silvana administers the advancement of students from their initial interest in the program through to the successful completion of their doctoral studies. Besides focusing on the recruitment and support of doctoral students, Silvana ensures that she is continually developing good relationships with faculty members and University administrators. She emphasizes that good communication is key to this process.
As the graduate conference coordinator, Silvana is responsible for coordinating the logistics of departmental events, symposiums, conferences, film festivals and lectures, including collaborating with faculty members and designing materials for publicity. Of all her duties and responsibilities, Silvana gains the most fulfillment from working with students and faculty. She explains, “It’s awesome to be part of the graduate students’ academic lives.”
Silvana describes Princeton as an extraordinary place to work and says, “I am honored to be part of this prestigious institution. Working in the department gives me the opportunity to work with the most amazing intellectuals, professors, authors, film directors, students and coworkers. ”

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